Round 3 Hornsby Berowra Eagles U9 Red

Hornsby Berowra Eagles Under 9s Red

Match Report round 3

HBE Under 9s Red v St Ives Hannebery

Round 3, Sunday 23 April

Rofe Park – we don’t record the scores Game 3 for the Under 9s Red was off the back of a two break for Easter and the morning after another tiring loss for the Swans – things weren’t boding well. On the up side the weather was beautiful – almost too warm. The boys warmed up with some great tackling and handball practice. Then the game was on!

What a game it was – last year the boys were relentless in the face of stiff opposition – many teams having played two to three years together already. Today was the same. It was a fierce St Ives that we faced today but I can’t fault the boys they did not stop. Everyone was dripping with sweat at the end and when asked who needed the ice spray to take the edge of the bumps and bruises nine hands went in the air – those that had the energy to raise a hand anyway. A bump on the head led to a brief rest for Perry and in a very sportsmanlike gesture St Ives lent us a couple of cracking players in James and Max who really tried hard for Hornsby. Another injury to Henry demonstrated his commitment to sacrificing the body for the game when after copping studs to the thigh he got a ball in face shortly after coming back after his legs were taken out in a questionable tackle. Overall it was a hard slog and no-one gave – it was a great team effort by everyone!

And some great lessons to focus on in training in the week!

The Mighty Eagle was watching on and was Mighty Proud!

¼ by ¼ I have no idea – we don’t score the games!

Player of the Day – Henry Granville

Report by Simon Granville, very tired Coach – 7,300 steps and counting this week