What is Auskick?

Auskick is simply the best way for a young player to learn AFL! Typically an Auskick session will focus on a few fun AFL skills based games, like kicking, marking, running, or handpassing. We then conclude the hour-long Auskick session with a ten minute modified rules version of an AFL match.

Auskick’s modified rules are both non-competitive and non-contact, making it a safe, fun and empowering sport for any child! It is also a great way to get fit, increase motor skills, and socialise. Auskick fosters and encourages teamwork, and can be tailored to suit children with spcial needs.

Auskick is lead by the Eagle’s own fully qualified coaches, with support of the playing groups parents, so get involved and we’ll train you to help us run a great Auskick session!

Who Can Play Auskick?

Auskick is for all boys and girls from the ages of 4 – 6. They are also joined by our Auskick U8’s, which spend the first 4 weeks in the Auskick program then head off to play non competitive games against other local clubs from round 5 onwards.  To be eligible for U8’s the child will be 7 or turning 7 in the current playing year.

Within the first four weeks of the Auskick program we typically break into two groups, for our 4-6 year olds and our 7 year olds (Auskick U8’s) with skills and games targeted directly at the abilities of our young players. The Eagles welcome new players of all skill levels all year round! Come and give it a try, or bring a friend – we’d love to see you! We also welcome children with special needs – contact us if you have any queries.

What’s The Difference between Grade and Auskick?

Grade Football starts from our U9 age group and up and requires our players to train for an additional hour on one evening a week, as well playing their hour long match each Sunday.

Under 9’s still play a non-scoring and non-tackle version of AFL, so it’s still a safe and fun experience! Typically half of all grade games are home games, with the away games played in the Northwest Region. The furthest away ground is about a 40 minute drive. All Eagles Auskick sessions are held at our Home Ground – Rofe Park in Hornsby Heights. Auskick and U8’s are all registered as Auskick, with the U8’s participating in the Auskick program for the first 4 weeks of the season and will then head off to play non competitive games against other local clubs from round 5 onwards.

Should My Child Play Grade or U8?

It’s always up to the parent and child as to when they are ready to start playing Grade footy, in our awesome under 9’s squad. It may be, for example, that halfway through the U8/Auskick season that a player is clearly ready to take the step up.

We are always open to U8 Auskick players joining our U9s training squad, or even trying a game on match day. Once there is a good skills base, we find most players love the additional competition of Grade footy, as well as the longer game time. If you are interested in your child trying or playing Grade, please feel free to talk to our coaches, who will be able to have an open and fun conversation about the future!

But I don’t know anything about Aussie Rules…

You may be surprised to discover many in our parent group are new to AFL. Through the club we can teach you all you need to know about Australia’s favourite football, as well as how to teach your young player the skills they need to enjoy footy! Our coaching philosophy encourages as many hands on volunteers as we can get, and you get the added reward of learning something with your child that you can both share.

What Do I Need to Play Auskick?

Your Auskick registration fee includes a starter pack, which amongst a whole lot of great gear, comes with its very own football. You will also receive an Eagles Jersey (which is returned at the end of each football year).

You will need to purchase shorts and football socks, both of which are available from the club canteen.

While mouthguards are not mandatory in Auskick (as they are in Grade footy) we still recommend that a mouthguard is used when on the field. Auskick can be played in sneakers, but for best stability for your child, we also recommend football boots are worn.

Where and When do the Eagles Play?

We run our Auskick program each Sunday Morning between 8:30am – 9:30am! (at Rofe Park, Hornsby Heights. In 2020 our season begins on Sunday 29th March (TBC) and concludes in late August.

How Can I Register?

Registration for Auskick in 2020 is $135. You can register online at our website.

If you have any further queries, please contact us – we’re more than happy to help – and Go The Eagles!!!