What does becoming an umpire involve?

As a new green shirt umpire you will be expected to train once a week at a local venue. You will receive your kit and equipment (green shirt, whistle, shorts, socks, rule book, bag). You will also have a point of contact at the club – Thomas Smith who can mentor and assist all umpires.

How old do you have to be to become an umpire?

Age 13 and over (at the beginning of the season). Younger applicants can still gain opportunities as goal or boundary umpiring during the season.

What development opportunities are available for umpires?

You will receive regular training, coaching and mentorship from the local AFL organisation and directly from the club. You will receive skills training and will be coached in all aspects of the rules of the game. You will be mentored when umpiring both home and away.As your skills develop you will be assessed in time to become an orange shirt umpire which allows you to progress to umpiring of youth games. Opportunities for regional squad development and senior league boundary and goal umpiring on Saturdays will be made available to eligible umpires.

What support is available for umpires?

Both the AFL and HBE take umpiring very seriously and invest a significant amount of time and energy into developing the next generation of professional umpires. At the HBE we have a dedicated Umpiring coordinator who provides assistance, advice, training, coaching and mentoring to the umpiring group throughout the season. Who can I speak to if I am interested in becoming an umpire? HBE Umpiring Coordinator c/o Thomas Smith who can be contacted via umpires@hornsbyberowraeagles.com or by mobile at 0412 764 920.

What can I expect to get paid as an umpire? What other benefits are available to umpires?

A Green Shirt umpire can expect to get paid on average between $20 and $55 per game dependent upon the level of competence and the number of umpires resourcing a game. Orange shirts are paid an average between $35 and $75 per game.

What types of umpiring are available?

Field, goal and boundary umpiring opportunities are available throughout the season. HBE will provide training, coaching and mentoring across all types of umpiring activities. Applicants are welcome throughout the season.

Who can get involved in umpiring?

Umpiring is open to boys and girls, players and non-players and parents are all welcome to take part. Contact our umpiring coordinator if you have an interest – Umpiring is a great opportunity to learn more about the great game of AFL and to get fit at the same time!

Why is becoming an umpire a good idea?

As an umpire you will learn many skills and attributes you can apply both on and off the field. It’s a great way to meet new people and contribute to the game at a professional level. For our younger applicants it provides a great way to develop and mature.

Why are umpires important to Hornsby Eagles JAFL?

Umpires are the backbone of the game and are key to the provision of a safe and professional environment for children of all ages to learn, play and enjoy AFL. As an umpire you will be a key contributor to the club and the code.

For further details or if you have any questions regarding becoming an umpire in 2017 – feel free to contact our Umpires Coordinator, Thomas Smith c/o umpires@hornsbyberowraeagles.com or by mobile at 0412 764 920.