AFL is Australia’s indigenous and most popular code of football. With a long and proud history dating back to 1857, AFL is played right  throughout Australia  at both junior and senior levels. The professional  nation-wide AFL league has 18 teams, with Sydney having two teams within this competition; the Greater Western Sydney Giants and the mighty Sydney Swans.

AFL is an emphatically multi-cultural sport, with players participating from countries across the world, as well as a uniquely strong indigenous representation.

AFL requires use of skill sets much wider in scope than other football codes.  If learnt at a junior age, the eye-hand, eye-foot, hand to foot, catching, running and positional skills are very transferable and are indeed highly valued across all other sports.

AFL is also one of the few team sports that values players of all shapes and sizes. A great team requires everyone from the tallest ruckmen to the shortest crumbers.  It’s varied nature of roles, play and skills encourage teamwork, sportsmanship and social skills.

All Auskick, Junior and Youth coaches are accredited through the AFL Coaches development programs, ensuring that the safest environment and latest techniques and skills are used to teach, mentor and develop the players. As the major focus point for all club stakeholders the club places a large investment in keeping our coaches qualified and up to date. The AFL also trains and supplies umpires for each game, with umpires continuing their skill development through appropriate matches and supervision through the different grades of the competition.

And finally, at the Hornsby Eagles, we think that AFL is the most exciting, exhilarating, and entertaining sport there is! From skillful kicking, to speedy running, speccy marks and awesome skills, AFL is a game that rewards commitment, fitness, and achievement. At our club, we believe AFL is great way to make friends, foster sportsmanship, and to be part of a great club and sports community, while most importantly, having fun!

AUSKICK Ages 4-7

Auskick is our incubator of skills and fun, as our youngest players learn the basics of the game in a non-contact, non competition environment.  Played by both boys and girls, sessions are an hour long, once a week from 09:00am – 10:00 am at Rofe Park, from April till August. See our Auskick FAQ for more information.

Junior AFL (U8s – U11s)

Junior AFL a modified rules version of the full game, carefully graduated into both competition and physicality. Although playing in a local league, our most Junior teams (U8s / U10s) do not score, or have a competition ladder, allowing participants to focus on developing  their skills, teamwork and enjoyment of the game. Junior AFL is played by boys and girls.

Junior AFL has modified rules regarding tackling, with it becoming part of the game in a graduated fashion, moving from no contact, to a standing bear-hug, and only to full tackle from under 11 s, ensuring players are only engaged in full tackle when their bodies and skill level can handle it. Teams are between 9 and 12 players, ensuring all players get good access to the ball.

Junior teams typically train once a week, on a Thursday evening. The Hornsby Eagles Junior teams participate in the Northwest league, playing teams from up to a half-hour’s drive away, including Kellyville,  Pennant Hills,  Cherry brook, St Ives and North Ryde. Teams play a home and away season from April until September, with games lasting approximately one hour. All Junior and Youth games are umpired by qualified AFL umpires, with all coaches fully accredited by the AFL.

Junior AFL is the ideal transition from Auskick into the full AFL game,

Youth AFL (U12s – U17s)

Youth AFL plays a home and away season from April to August, with finals series in September. As the players develop from Under 12s up to Under 17s, the grounds and team size slowly increase to full competition size and rules. Youth AFL is played by boys and girls, with a separate competition for girls.

Youth teams train  typically train twice a week , on Tuesday and  Thursday evenings. The Hornsby Eagles Youth teams compete in the Sydney Harbour league, playing teams from the Northwest, North Shore, and City  (above U14) . Games last up to approximately 90 minutes (with breaks), with up to an hours travel to each match.   All youth competitions are divisionalised ensuring all players are competing against teams of a similar skill level. All Junior and Youth games are umpired by qualified AFL umpires, with all coaches fully accredited by the AFL.

AFL is Our Sport

At it’s core, no matter the age group, Hornsby Eagles Junior AFL is about developing skills, fitness, sportsmanship, social skills and teamwork in a supportive, professional and positive environment. Every week as a club we strive to provide the best possible sports experience for all of our players, officials, volunteers and parents. Register Now for 2017 AFL, and come and be part of the Sydney’s Champion Club – The Hornsby Berowra Eagles.