Round 3 Northwest Lightening U12YG

After many week of training the Under 12 girls were ecstatic to get their first game under their belt. Coming up against St Ives our girls were quick out of the gate with Maya and Cassidy demonstrating their great team work to move the ball from the ruck into our attacking third.

Hayley, Oliva and Alanah worked hard to keep the ball in our attacking third with tackles that stuck ensuring the ball stayed out of the hands of St Ives for long periods of time.

As the second half started our defense stepped up the pressure, with great pressure and marks from Brooke, Maeve and Leila in our back third which helped us win the ball back in high pressure situations. Along with a strong defensive effort, the second half also displayed our goal scoring skills. With goals set up due to great pressure by Johanna, Sylvie and Erin in the front third and lighting girl were flying.

To top it off we had Ruby and Rebecca running all game long, displaying they could play in any position on the field. A great first game that showed the lighting girls are here stay.